Olivier Houssais Master Stylist

Olivier has spent the last 21 years refining his technique to the level of artistry. He began his career studying in France at the Lycee Professionel Prive. After completing his formal education in Paris at the exclusive Dessange Paris Academy where he was taught to choose each style based on bone structure, height, skin tone, and quality and texture of hair , he perfected his unique style in some of the world's most fashionable cities including London, Montreal, San Francisco and for the last seven years here in Santa Barbara. Olivier's signature is greatly influenced by the pioneering cutting techniques of the world renowned Parisian hairstylist Jacques Dessange.

Olivier's designs are wearable, fresh, and possess a luxuriously international and cosmopolitan flair.

For women this means a personally tailored cut developed specifically for you, resulting in a style that is feminine, sophisticated and elegant.

For men this means a precise and clean cut that will be low maintenance and hold up well until your next appointment.

Olivier  is a Master of Balayage  and has become one of the areas greatest authorities in applying color. Balayage is the technique of hand painted highlights, which gives a very natural looking blend of color allowing the hair to grow gracefully without an obvious root.