Tartisan is a local company that uses all natural, sustainable
ingredients to create a fresh artisanal take on traditional sweet and
savory pastries. Ingredients are sourced at Local Farmer's Markets, to prepare everything from scratch and by hand.

At Tartisan we are passionate about providing our
customers with the finest quality products.



Chef Jacqui Wou of Tartisan

Chef Jacqui Wou of Tartisan



Chef Jacqui Wou cooks from the heart which is evident in every bite of her menu for Salon Olivier. Her passion for her work shows in the exhausting recipe development process. Chef Jacqui draws from her diverse background in the the arts, Architecture, Design, Ceramics and Glass which all lead to complex layered flavor profiles delivered in something deceptively simple like a Tartisan Sandwich or her signature creation Tartisans. Based on the English pasty, these buttery, flaky crusted hand pies will become addictive. Which is why we are lucky that Chef Jacqui will happily create take away versions of anything on our menu. 

Chef Jacqui tends to be booked well in advance for Weddings and Private events, but should you be looking for a rising star in the food industry to cater your next celebration or even dinner when you have no time, be sure to contact Chef Jacqui to see if she is available.

Now go ahead and move straight to the menu on our website. It is what you really wanted to see, right?



Tartisan Dishes Up Some Tasty Sweets and Savories

The Independant

By Aly Comingore
Wednesday, November 20, 2013

If you’ve lunched at The Blue Owl’s Canon Perdido location — or stumbled in late at
night — chances are you’ve already sampled your way around the Tartisan menu.
Dreamed up by Santa Barbaran Jacqui Wou, and facilitated by Wou’s longtime cooking
buddy — and Blue Owl owner — Cindy Black, Tartisan’s pies have been popping up on
the Blue Owl menu since June. Still, it wasn’t until last month’s epicure.sb celebration
that Black and Wou finally decided to make it official. For the Owl’s last “Secret Sunday”
supper, Black turned her kitchen over to Wou’s tasty pastry creations and served up a $15
prix fixe menu featuring 13 goodness-stuffed, flaky-crusted — and yes, completely
adorable — handheld pies. There were sweet treats like candied squash and pumpkin,
brandy pecan, and chocolate peanut butter (all mouthwatering, I might add), but the
majority of the menu was weighted toward the savory: classics like chicken and osso
bucco, as well as punch-packing wild cards like roasted eggplant in coconut curry, lamb
tagine, and pork belly. And oh, the pork belly; it’s braised in beer, fat-filled, totally flavorful,
and balanced by a mix of shiitakes, hard-boiled egg, scallions, and cilantro.

Currently, Black is offering two sweet and two savory pies (one vegetarian, one carnivore
friendly) as part of the Blue Owl’s daily menu. And Wou, who is currently splitting her
time between pie baking, private cheffing, and working in the pastry kitchen at Metropulos
Fine Foods, could not be happier.

“I didn’t get into pastry until I went to SBCC, but I always loved cooking savory foods,
so I really liked the option of being able to do both,” says Wou, who’s using a medley of
organic, local ingredients for filling fodder.

For pie-ficionados, though, the true test is all in the crust, and Tartisan doesn’t skimp on
the good stuff. “There’s lots of butter,” laughs Wou, who whips up both sweet and savory
styles, depending on the filling. And as for the secret, she says it’s just practice, practice,

“My crust recipe is really simple, but I definitely had to make it a lot to perfect it,” she
explains. “Cindy makes bread, and she told me that with crust you kind of have to treat it
like a baby’s bottom; you have to
be super gentle with it.”

And with the biggest pie day of the year fast approaching, Tartisan is cranking things into high gear
— and taking orders for everything on the menu. Those looking to elevate their T-Day table can
choose between 15 pie flavors in sizes ranging from bite-size, minis, and handhelds to tartlets
and to 9-inch rounds.

To place an order, call (310) 351-3232. It is, quite literally, easy as pie.